Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Verses That Jump Out Once Too Often...RED ALERT~!

God really has a way in talking. I will be amazed if I can meet up with a donkey which can converse with me in great length. How will Irespond?

  1. Hit the donkey on its head.
  2. Pat the donkey and shush it up.
  3. Run away.
  4. Ask the donkey to have a sit and chit chat over a cup of brewing hot chocolate for myself and the donkey with nothing to drink.
  5. PABLUM! Where am I gonna meet a donkey?
God's way is always always mysterious.


Lord, I can only pray that you'll give me the strength to continue your work as a faithful servant. Grant me the patience that I really need to see that your work is carried out without any further hiccups. Forgive me for I have wasted so much time meddling around and turning things upside down that you see fit to stop everything. I now know who I battle with. I know who my enemy is. I know who the thief is and I claim back everything he has stolen from me. I call back everything that has been taken. I claim it all back multiplied by seven, in Jesus name. Amen~!

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Anonymous said...

be happy and love. kiss