Thursday, October 14, 2010

Alpha and Omega...

Wednesday. Movie day. Ran off to the cinema in between working hours. I have always like watching cartoons by Disney Dreamwork, Pixar and this one by Crest Animation.
Kate, the she-wolf, is from the Alpha pack. The pack of leaders which rule the valley where the caribous make it their habitat. Humphrey, the he-wolf, is from the Omega pack. The common class wolf. It's like a royalty and a commoner. Both the cute wolves aren't suppose to howl together. They ended up in a long journey home together after being captured by the rangers to be shifted to another National Park.
Sheesh... I don't usually write movie reviews. It's better to go watch for yourself. You'll enjoy it even more.
Happy ending. Worth watching. I don't really care about the story line in a cartoon but as long as I don't fall asleep and the graphics are totally awesome, then I'm able to enjoy the whole movie. I'm still wondering how did manage to fall asleep watching 'Igor'.

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