Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Waking Up Every Morning...

It is by the grace of God that all of us are able to wake up every morning without fail. For one week, I managed to jump out of bed, energetic and headed straight to the gym. That was only for one week. Then, now I'm back to my normal waking up routine. That is waking up one hour later than the usual time. I have to set it that because if I set it an hour later, I'll need another hour and I'll be extremely late for work. I just enjoy sleeping in my huge bed, snuggle under the comforter, surrounded by my soft toys.
If I'm not working, then getting up is the most difficult thing to do. I'll wake up and then roll back and the next thing I know, another couple of hours gone. Then get myself up again and then slump back into the large pillow and half the day is gone, waking up straight into lunch time. The best I ever did was waking up at dinner time.
There's so much to do every time. Lots of things to read. Writing and preparing work sheet. It's never ending. I wish I have a Hobbes accompanying me in doing everything. With Hobbes around, I think I'll be talking to myself. How come they don't sell Hobbes in the market as a soft toy?

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