Thursday, October 07, 2010

A Man Without Faith...

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.
[Hebrews 11:1]

All these while you've never try to understand anyone. Everyone must understand you. You and your schedule. You and your likes. You and your buddies. You and your movies. You and your time to do your things. You and your ways of not wanting to have anybody disrupt your time. You and your lies to get others' sympathy. And now, you shout out loud that you have no idea what actually happened. You don't even have the guts to answer him no doubt he didn't give the right verse because in the first place you never have faith in God. Not even a trickle.

You believe in prayer? Do you really believe in prayer? The answer is NO~! You are a double-minded person. Always doubting even after praying. After so many years of claiming to be Christian, you have not grown even the slightest. There's no progress in you. Do you remember this verse that I gave you? Do you even remember any of the verses that I sent you to help you? You never read any of them... Do you remember how you tell me that God will never answer ALL prayers but only some. That's how twisted you are. You're so twisted that you can argue how Jesus and the people drink in olden times, so you justify your own action of drinking hard liquor.

I'll answer the questions your friend asked you. Knowing you so well, even if you answer them by posting them up for the world to see, you will never be honest with your answers. You'll just answer them to please the people. Here's your answers from the bottom of your heart.

What earthly things might be coming between you and the Lord?

Your inner man. You've never accepted God as who He really is. God is more like someone you go to in times of trouble and other than that He doesn't exist in your life. You even doze off during sermons because they are too boring to you. You go to church because you've been doing that all these while. Your friends are more important than God Himself. The scripture Matthew 19:16-26 that your friend asked you to look through, you might find it irrelevant as you're not the rich man. You're a proud man instead. Too proud of yourself to acknowledge a real and living God. Too proud to admit that you're a depressed man, suffering from it since childhood, too proud or maybe embarrass to even go and get help for yourself. The only earthly thing that is coming in between you and the Lord is YOURSELF.

What priorities in your life do you feel you have placed above God?

You placed YOURSELF highly above God. You place your likings for things and other activities like hiking and jogging above God. You can do all those but you have never been involve in the church. Sitting in a church as a pew warmer every Saturday nite or Sunday morning doesn't make you a Christian. You've always pick and choose the verses and scripture that you chose to believe. Others do not carry any meaning to your life.

How is your stress level affecting your relationship with God? Rate it 1 - 10.

Yours is 10 because you CANNOT handle even a little bit of stress. Whenever you're stressed out, you throw God out of the window. He doesn't exist except your online movies. You spend hours watching your movies and flirting online, but you never have time to even do your devotion. The time you told me about doing your devotion, it was short-lived. You have no determination to even carry it out on your own accord. You remember how much you said you hate me when I gave you questions to answer regarding the scriptures. No Christian who love the Word of God will ever say that and I know you answered the questions like you're reading an English passage and answered accordingly without grasping the true meaning of the Scripture.

PS. By wearing the cross doesn't qualify you as a Christian. Check your heart... I bet you find it empty. You've never change because you're plain lazy, not busy. You're too comfortable with your lifestyle that everything and everyone must fit into your mould. No one in their right frame of mind will ever do that for you because it's not worth it once they know who you really are instead of showing your fictitious caring self.

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