Friday, October 01, 2010

Reading Three Books at One Go...

If I'm able to watch three movie back-to-back, I shouldn't have any problem reading three books all at the same time. Making full use of the church library. A library shouldn't have so many books on its shelves instead it should be quite empty, only then you know that people are hungry and seeking for knowledge. When I look for books to read, I don't actually look for them, usually the books will be calling me out from corners or in between books. Similar to when I'm searching for a book to read in Borders. My one and only experience of worshipping in a megachurch was the one in Singapore. This book contains dry reading materials that will gag you if you do not have strong vocabulary and have shallow knowledge regarding Christianity. It touches on theology and the make up of megachurches. I'm not going to discuss about this book over here as some might not take it well and make it a topic of negative discussion against churches.
~Fear of failure, not failure, cripples people ~
It is true that thousands and thousands attend church services. Some occasionally, some diligently but only you know your heart. A person can go to church every week yet never have any relationship with God. Some are dishearten whenever trials and tribulations come hitting them hard from the left, right, front, back, top and bottom. So, for this book, it's like a continuation from the previous book. I agree whole-heartedly regarding these few issues:

  • Evangelical success is at an all-time low. Nobody wants to evangelise in fear of being rebuke thus, leaving the job to missionaries.
  • We're producing more backsliders than true converts. We should always look at the laws and also the grace of God. Keep everything in balance. It's not written that a Christian life is a smooth-sailing one. If it's a smooth-sailing one, then you're in the wrong boat.
  • The fall-away rate - from large crusades to local churches - is between 80-90%

~ Courage is not the absence of fear, but the conquest of fear ~

Reminder to all Christians: A church is not an elite social group where you mix and look for friends ONLY and get yourself busy with various activities and camps. There's more to that...

Now, whenever you read about miracles which God performed, most of the time you'll be reading about those from Western countries. This one, it's in our homeland. They're locals. Malaysians. Halfway reading this book, I wanted to give up on reading because it's a book on healing various diseases especially cancer and those who were demon-possessed. I prayed through and continue reading the book until the end. The few testimonies shared at the end were the most powerful ones where you're able to feel the mighty hands of God protecting and healing those in need.

Read more... read... the world is really decaying... don't make this happen...

Scriptures to inspire, strengthen and meditate upon the truth~!

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