Friday, October 29, 2010

My Shoe World... *shucks*

For these coming two months, November and December, I'm planning to redesign my entire house. Upgrade the whole house and get it to look like my dream house. The shoe problem has been settled with the help of my two kids. By the way, my eldest will be working this holiday *sigh* and the youngest, I don't expect her to help me clean the house as she needs 200% supervision which by the time I use my energy to supervise her, might as well, I save the energy to do it myself.
See that Jenga stack of shoe boxes? I wonder how I manage to have such collection of shoes when shoes ain't my first love? My first love is books, followed by jewelries and thirdly... clothes. Where did all those shoes come about? I totally have no idea where they come from. Probably from the shoe stores... duh~ *rolling eyes*
Do you know how much I hate wearing heels? Heels that go clicking on the tiles and cemented floors. I always have the feeling that one day, I might trip over my own foot and kiss the floor. I have to wear heels to match my dresses and skirts. Dresses and skirts just don't go along well with a pair of trainers. I prefer the stripy heels that makes them look extremely complicated... well, I guess I'm a complicated person so it shows on my footwear.
Oh, oh... my trainer shoes... shoes for badminton, shoes for gym, shoes for hiking, shoes for walking and shoes for comfort. They're just so comfortable to be in... imagine walking for hours and hours in the streets without having your skin peeling like those of potatoes. Mine is worse as I have tofu sole, they peel off faster than you can peel your banana.
Flip flops... yay~! Got the blue seahorse flip flops. Got that for free after spending a small amount on those heels. Crocs rubber shoes... I like.. ugly yet comfortable. Skechers also I like, beautiful yet uncomfortable... sorry to say that. Really give me blisters when I was in the Lion City. Then, I have my beach flip flops. The one I like are those two in the middle. Anything which is pink in colour attracts my attention really well. The next will be the comfort that brings to my feet. Price is not such a big issue.
Sad to say, nowadays, the quality of shoes has been compromised even though the price is rather expensive. Nothing lasts longer than a year. Either you wear it until it snaps or keep it and still it will snap. Welcome to the business world... repeat sales, demand increases, production floods the market, you can find shoes everywhere...

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