Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sleepy Movies...

I don't sleep in cinemas but when I do, it only shows one thing. The movie was too boring thus, it failed to keep me awake instead, it sent me all the way to dreamland. The first cartoon that I slept all the way through until I woke up to a happy ending was the movie Igor. Igor was uglier than Hunchback of Notre Dame, the story line was okay but the whole thing was the least exciting.
The second movie which Pinky and I fall asleep in the cinema was Up in The Air by George Clooney. I have been watching George Clooney in ER and also Ocean 13. The characters played by George was one of a lonely man. In ER, he couldn't even keep a relationship with one of the staff nurses in the hospital. Now, in Up in the Air, his life was so lonely as he flew all around the place to work, met a lady, fall in love with her, ended single again as she was a married woman. What a sad, lonely movie and a rather slow movie.
I was deceived by the movie poster. By looking at the poster, it looked like a crime-thriller movie, action packed as it was for 18 years and above. The start of the movie was adrenaline pumping with gunshots and he killed his girlfriend, then it became so slow, he went to a sleepy town to keep his profile low from hitmen. This movie shows the life of a gun maker and a burnt out hitman who wanted a new life, but he failed to achieve that and he ended up dead. I ended up dozing off so many times the only time I jumped wide awake was when he dropped his book on the floor with a loud thud, when the girl shot herself in her eye and when he got shot by his boss.

Ahhh... what a good movie review I write as I seldom write movie reviews. I'm not gonna watch another movie by George Clooney but I don't mind watching Nicolas Cage even though he hardly talks in the movie like in this movie...
and I'm a big fan of Bruce Willis... I can't wait for 'The RED-Movie' to be screened in the cinema.

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