Thursday, October 21, 2010


Two major public exams are over. The primary level and the lower secondary. Things are starting earlier this year. The few who wanted to study, continue on with next year's syllable. That's kinda early to start as I thought they might want a break after burning the midnight oil. A bunch of procrastinators and I can't blame them for being that way. It's more like a trend now with the modern kids. But these few learnt their lessons and wanted a change in their lives. I pray that they will be able to hang on for another two years as workload will come in piles when the school year starts next year.

I, myself, am a procrastinator, too. Putting away everything till the very last minute only then I can find the kick to finish up something, if that thing is important.

The study of book of James will continue. Same goes for the Donkey Wisdom. I'm not in the mood to write anything for the time being. Will have a little bit of update here and there. There's nothing much going on until next month. I can't wait for the November and December trips.

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