Thursday, November 25, 2010

Battling With My Mind...

I have been discussing and arguing with myself. There are many things that come to my mind all at once and being a perfectionist, I have a hard time figuring out which one to put first. Moreover, I am a person who starts great but a lousy finisher. I have a lot of my things hanging with no conclusion. The only thing that I managed to finish will be my books and stitches. Other than that, I can't finish anything thus, I'm very frustrated with myself. I even have conversations hanging without ending. There's a head without the tail... *sigh*
  1. My first battle is with my shopping habit. I have tried my best not to buy but with the newly opened 1st Avenue, I can't help it but find myself rummaging through the clothes hanger after hanger. I have a serious shopping problem at home as my wardrobe really couldn't contain anymore clothes and I still have a few clothes left unworn since Chinese New Year. I just love clothes and I can pick from every rack and find the clothes that I like in my size. Now, I try my best not to bring money out while shopping so I won't be spending. It doesn't work that way as I can swipe with my credit card. Buy and pay later. Now, the best plan that I have in mind is buying an article of clothing every week. Maybe first week a pair of trousers or shorts or skirt, get a top on the second week, buy a blouse on the third week and get a dress on the fourth week. If there's a fifth week, buy anything that's on sale.

  2. Holiday. I still need a holiday. I have already line up one in January to East Malaysia. For my one year one country plan, I'm planning to go to China when Pinky goes back. The sad part is I can't roam the country myself as I'm a banana girl. My brother actually scolded those people who termed me a banana girl. It's so cool to have a protective brother. Actually I felt like screaming at them,"I'm not ashamed being a banana girl as I can speak Chinese no doubt I can't read or write. I'm fluent in English and Bahasa Malaysia. Shame on you who only know how to use broken English and do not master any languages. Not even Chinese~!" Oh, my plan for a cruise... I haven't decide on the day.

  3. Reading. I've started reading Bible in one year. That's to finish reading the whole Bible in one year but I'm such a lousy finisher, I'm afraid I might puncture after a few days. Don't even mention months, I'll be very happy if I can even follow my own plan to day 3. Usually I can't survive for 3 days. Now, I have so many reading materials. I have books from the church library. I have story books which I just bought but, it's so hard to juggle with reading and stitching.

  4. Blogging. There's always so many things to write. I haven't write my numbered posts for this week. I'm not even sure what to write at times. I'm not even sure what you readers are looking for in my blog. Does my writing catch any of your interest? I have my Donkey Wisdom blog which I'm not even sure whether to continue them after the 7th bray. There are times when I have so much to write but sometimes, I have such great sense of pity for donkey. All the shoutouts sound more like self-consoling words of a legendary donkey. I'm amazed with myself that I have the guts to call a professor and a great man to many, a donkey. Yes... donkey. If I see the donkey in person, the first thing that will come out of my mouth will be, "Hey, D....~!"

  5. Cleaning the house. Not everybody is born with the talent to clean the house. It's a gift to keep a house sparkling clean. My plan to restructure the interior of my house seems to take a slow path. Why are there so many books in the house? Where do all those books come from? Papers... papers are everywhere. I just wish they will turn into money. Cleaning takes forever. Today I clean, tomorrow there's dust again. Dust here, dust there.

  6. Gym session. I'm freezing my gym membership for the month of December. Going for morning jog at the Botanical Garden followed by swimming. The BIGGEST problem is waking up early in the morning. It's school holidays... I don't wanna wake up so early. 8a.m. is just too early, but I have to get my butt up and drive to Botanical Garden. Jogging must start early because I can't swim in the afternoon or else I'll be roasted. I wonder how many layers of skin I have left. The new one is not completely out yet.

  7. Time... I'm a little freak being punctual. I should follow the Malaysian time regarding time. Which is if you're meeting a person at 8 a.m. you wake up at 8a.m. That's the worst a person can do. I dislike people who are not punctual so I can't be like that. I try to be punctual if not early.

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