Monday, November 15, 2010

My Local Gold Coast Trip...

Our flight was delayed for half an hour. It was our short trip to....
No, please don't get a wrong idea that we were in Australia. We were just 45 minutes away from Penang Island by flight. I was given the opportunity to take a short and free trip to recharge my energy.
As you can see, Golden Palm Tree in Sepang Gold Coast, Bagan Lallang has water chalets in the shape of a palm tree. That if you're able to capture the view from the plane. I didn't manage to snap the picture as it was too cloudy during my flight. As it was just opened in July, the place was busy with guests moving in and out of the lobby. It was a very busy 5-star resort. I have never seen such busy holiday resort with activities abuzz all the time right till midnite.
I was planning to snap photos until the camera exploded but there wasn't much to snap as the view was the same from the beginning of the jetty right till the end.
We went for our own ground tour after putting our bags away.
The chalet provides the guests with buggy to move along as it was quite a distant walking to the dining area.
And you can actually take your shower with the windows wide open. Enjoy the sea view while you're in your skin. Whoever's standing at the balcony will have a good view of you and your shower... haha...
It was a real disappointment at first because we were looking towards the sorry state of the beach. We didn't realize it was a low tide until at night.
There wasn't much choices to choose from for the buffet dinner.
I had a good selection of cakes as snacks though.
We were serenaded by a group of singers. They sang perfectly well. Then, Juju's colleague came over and we sat next to each other. Fiona is her name with her hubby, Alex.

We had such wonderful experience looking at wave balls coming out of the sea into the surface and rushed towards the shore. It was a one way wave unlike the one in Penang. We grabbed a couple of chairs and stared at the waves for a solid hour until 11p.m. We were both sure we weren't hallucinating but we were the two souls who saw those special fire-ball like waves. It's too bad that we couldn't capture it in video. Firstly because, we both were walking around the place without our cameras and I went empty handed not even with my phone.

Juju saw and heard a lot of weird stuff in the middle of the nite as she was preparing her next Sunday's sermon. Yeah... she's gonna preach and she was having difficulty writing them. I wondered whether she saw things she wasn't suppose to see. She wasn't sure herself...
The next day, Juju had to attend the most boring thing in her life in the best place....
We had breakfast together then she left me all alone to do my own stuff. As I'm very used to moving alone, initially my plan was to stay in the chalet and sleep the whole day. The plan never worked out as I wasn't such a homely person. I need to get out and be in the open area doing something or else I'll be bored to death. Within a few minutes, I was out of the place and roaming around all the way to the Sunset Beach. There wasn't much to see except for the dirty sea water which was a huge embarassment to foreign tourists. I was telling myself I'm not gonna step into such murky water. I walked back to the water chalet, but on the way I found a hut with Wii Nintendo and I was playing the Spiderman game until a little boy pestered me to pass him the game. I was the big kid telling him, "Wait har... one more minute..." Pity the little boy coz' I am a pro in playing video games thus, a minute turned into a very very long minute. Well, I was bored after punching and kicking with the Nunchuk...
I spoke too soon about the murky sea water. The next thing I knew, I was walking at top speed towards my chalet and changing into my beach attire. I was out in the open sea after running barefooted to the Smiley Beach. Within a few minutes, I was standing on a surf board doing stand up paddle. Of course being a first timer, I dropped into the water trying to keep my balance. It was high tide and it's the best time to be doing stand up paddle. I was determined to get the feel of standing on water. It was truly a great experience. I didn't get to snap my own photo of doing stand up paddle as I went to the running to the beach without anything except myself. But I took a photo of the beach operator doing stand up paddle at my request. As there weren't many guests or any guests at times, I'm the only one at sea, they became my chit chatting buddies. My motor mouth works really well wherever I am. Juju saw me from the window and came rushing to the beach as well. We had around 45 minutes together while I had been on the sea for more than 4 hours. I went back to lunch with her and we had only a little left to eat as the buffet lunch was clearing up. Then, she had to leave to attend to her boring seminar which she fall asleep while I went swimming in the Infinity Pool alone but I lasted for half an hour only because the next thing I knew, I was rushing off to the beach again. This time I did something different because it was low tide and stand up paddle cannot be done anymore.
I had the beach all to myself on a blow kart. The wind was quite strong and I was speeding up and down the beach, doing crazy snake-like zigzag moves. I played until my energy was almost at zero level, then rested and chit chatted with them while waiting, sms-ing Juju to hurry up as she planned whose talk to walk away from. While sitting at the beach, I saw something which looked like parasailing but with a huge fan strapped to the back. It was flying in the sky. Looks dangerous but if given the opportunity, I don't mind trying it out. But sad to say, I didn't get to try it out as that sport doesn't belong to the hotel.
When Juju came, many other in-house guests followed suit. But we got our fair share of doing blow kart and played with her for the second time. Juju's best friend came with her hubby after that. Time for more photos. iJump photos of mine and then we had a series of double jumps. Credits given to the photographers and jumpers having able to synchronized the jump and the click of the camera. It wasn't that easy to snap one and depending on the shutter speed.
Next, we went over to the Sunset Beach to catch the sunset. Couldn't see much as it was a cloudy evening. We had our jumps again with the sunset as the background. In my opinion, the photos were all great.
My great experience came with a heavy price to pay. I spent 8 hours at the beach, 4 hours in the open sea. I'm suffering from a very bad sunburn. My whole body was aching as I dropped into the water more than 10 times. I didn't get my battery recharge instead, I came back with no energy at all... totally used up whatever's left in my body... need to recharge again... looking for a new place to recharge...


Yes, indeed God is with us. God went ahead of us to plan the best short trip ever.

First situation:
We were both hoping to get the water chalet right at the end of the jetty, furthest away to be really staying on the sea. That's what we both wanted yet, we were both so diappointed when told that our water chalet was the nearest and the second chalet from the jetty. It turned out to be the best as we got the best view and nearest to the beach which enabled Juju to rush to the Conference Hall, ran back to the room to change into her beach attire and sped all the way to the beach in the shortest time. If we were to get our own wish, we would be crawling all the way to the beach without much energy left after reaching the beach.
Second situation:
God is good all the time. I got to join in the buffet dinner and lunch for the next day. God's arrangement at His own perfect timing.
Third situation:
I had arranged for a taxi to pick us up on Sunday morning. The kitchen opened earlier at our request so that we could have an early breakfast before the supposed time as we need to leave early. The taxi driver called me up and told me that he overslept. We panicked straight away, saying, "Oh, no! Oh, no! Oh, no!" We prayed super fast either for God to send us a transport right at that very moment or for a flight delay. God's really fair when we did our bargaining prayer. The resort called for a limo and suddenly a lady who was from the organizing team, came up to us and told us that there's airport tranfer on standby and waiting for us. We cancelled the limo and in less than a minute, we were in a Mercedes zooming all the way to the airport. We didn't have to pay a single cent and the driver was so good, we reached exactly an hour before our departure time. The flight took off at exactly 8:35a.m. without delay at all. We both believed that God answered our prayer of either or. We got our transport right that instant and got our flight off at the exact time.
What is there not to believe that there's truly a living God who listens and answers all our prayers? Sometimes He's slow in answering because He knows best and in times of emergency, He's super fast.... no doubt about that. I will never doubt God's ability to do marvelous things. Not even a single minute of doubt.

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