Thursday, November 18, 2010

Itchy... Itchy.. Argh~!

Any goosebumps looking at those? Feel like poking them...I'm very tempted to use the floor brush to skin myself. It's so itchy all over and it's the first time I see such disgusting water bubbles forming on the skin on my arms. I went to the gym to work out the fat I've accumulated from eating sessions and time lazing around refusing to go to the gym. The sweat couldn't come out of the dead skin thus, I can see before my very eyes water bubbles. It was so itchy that I used my fingernails and poked a few and my sweat broke out. It's like releasing the fish from a plastic bag into a pond. I couldn't spend any more extra time in the gym as I was tempted to scratch all over the place thus, I hurried home and started blogging. That's what I'm doing now. I'm going to stitch and if I can't take it anymore, maybe I'll use my needle and poke everything.

Oh, by the way, I fell down in Golden Palm Tree by the swimming pool so now my knee is itchy as well. I fell in such a manner that you may think I come out from what action movie scene. Karate Kid? Geez... I'm not even sure, but it was sure a rolling fall...

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