Thursday, November 04, 2010

The Life of Seahorse27...

What a seahorse need is good music, great ambiance and a mindset to suit the occasion. Then, by God's grace and God's will, everything planned fall into place, fitting perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle. Usually, seahorse doesn't plan. Seahorse follows where the current brings it to. Seahorse is always surrounded with people who love her dearly. Life is like a box of chocolate. Mine is as sweet as chocolate.
Packing... oh, no~! I'm always a last minute person. Now, I'm a pro in packing. Just google for places to go, pack the clothes accordingly with only one extra sometimes none at all, if not enough then go buy. Regretted for not buying more in Singapore as the clothes are really cheap after discount and converting into Malaysian Ringgit. Smarter now, see what, like it, buy straight away. Don't like, don't touch, walk away. Will be going off tomorrow~ *yippee*The only thing is I have to drive. Quite fun also driving long distant. And the best part is ALL the passengers will be snoring like pigs. No one has actually stayed awake, not even for half an hour. If I'm a passenger, I'll also fall asleep. It's tiring to sit in a car thus, I prefer driving on my own. Don't really like people to fetch me around.

By the way, since it's year end, my blog will be moving tremendously slow... slower than a tortoise... I just have too many things to do~ Bye for now. Entertain yourself with the old posts or just click away when you see no updates.

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