Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Summary of My Cameron Highland Trip...

Driving up to Cameron Highland without much traffic took us only 3 hours from Penang Island. In order to reach Tanah Rata, we passed by a few places in Ringlet. Being spontaneous, I stopped at whatever places that came along the way. That was a smart move.We had our brunch in a place with strawberries, so we had strawberries for brunch. Some pickled bitter gourd, pearl corn in a cup and also herbal eggs.I don't eat herbal eggs back at home but surprisingly, I was salivating for one when I smelt the brewing herbs.
My old faithful digital camera has been working diligently without complaining. I was enjoying myself snapping photos or have myself snapped. The brunch was a good one and then we continued our journey. Bharat Tea Plantation was a superb place to snap photos. The magical green carpet was mesmerizing and soothing to the eyes. The weather was great until in the evening it started to shower. Thank God I've covered most of the places that I wanted to visit. In fact, we finished visiting the places that we ought to go no doubt my planned schedule didn't take off but God provided a much better plan for us.
The orchids are really special. If you look carefully right smack at the centre, it looks like there is a creature either reading from a scroll, reading a book or blowing a trumpet.
There are so many types of cactus that I find this huge one simply marvelous. The thorns are so hard it looks like the whole cactus is made of steel.
The traffic was heavy and by the third day, I was having traffic phobia, getting stuck uphill and downhill. It was one horrendous drive that I promised myself never to drive up there ever again during public holidays.
For two nites we had food from the night market for dinner. Ayam pusing was so aromatic and delicious with honey on it. Per bird was RM22 which was fair enough as they need to transport the chickens up the hill. Yeah... paying for the chickens' toll and transportation.
Got my shopping done. Bought myself the huge strawberry pillow at the cheapest price after scouting from one stall to another and from one shop to another. Bargained for the best price for buying a strawberry bag, another canvas bag and lots of other souvenirs. Got ourselves some fruits especially apple guava. Don't have the photo of apple guava as they're in the stomach already.
On the second day, a couple of hours were spent in photography session with the Tudor Home as our background. Then, we went off to the apiary. Looking at those bees gave me goosebumps.But I like honey. Tried eating some honeycombs as well. Tasted really sweet.
We had lunch in Brinchang. Had the naan bread that tasted superbly delicious and mouth-watering. We ordered a few and the best was Bombay naan followed by banana honey naan. The strawberry naan was a huge disappointment. If there's strawberry jam in it then it would taste wonderful.
The traffic was getting from bad to worse. I planned to go to the Rose Valley later in the evening but the traffic was so bad that I made a three-point turn in the middle of the road and parked right in front of the Time Tunnel. So, we went straight to Time Tunnel. It was a place with antiques some I even had them before.
Great minds think alike. Mama was looking at the ice-cream but I voiced out to her that I don't care how cold or chilly the wind was, I wanted to have ice-cream after that. Then, we had ice-creams. Homemade ice-creams. Chocolate strawberry, raspberry and blueberry ice-creams we all had. Sat for awhile and I was staring at the long queue of cars. *sigh* Fought my way back to the hotel because there was no point waiting for the traffic to lessen. It would be midnite by then. Again, we went off to the night market in Brinchang which was only open on Fridays and Saturdays.
I slept extremely early on the second night. The first night was at 10:30p.m. The second night was around 8:30p.m. but I woke up around the same time that I would wake up at home. It was a tiring one being a driver getting caught in the bumper-to-bumper crawl. It wasn't freezingly cold like the first trip where I stayed in Winterhome, Habu.
Our breakfast was the most amazing one. We saw this morning market from our room. Then, when we walked over, we saw a shop selling Hong Kong chee cheong fan. It was quite cold so mama said we must have those for breakfast. The glutinous rice with some chicken meat was the best. It was the best meal I've ever had up in Cameron Highlands. I strongly recommend that all of you who visit Cameron Highlands to have breakfast there. The place is the just behind all those shop houses in Brinchang. The night market will be on the main road. It's very easy to find. All good food can be found in Brinchang.
Indeed, God is so good. We didn't miss the Rose Valley. The roses, hibiscus and other flowers. The whole landscape of that place, there are no words to describe the beauty of God's creation. Truly, God is the best artist and He has good sense of colours. Even our national flower, the hibiscus is so huge that I've never seen before...

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