Sunday, May 27, 2012

Prince Kung's Mansion...

This mansion was built for the minister, He Shen... wasn't he the last eunuch in the imperial household? Anyway, I got really bored looking at those architectural designs where the palaces and mansion looked just like temples over here. We had to join a very big group of tourists as the spokeswoman for the Kung Palace was in charge of telling all about the place to tourists. 
I didn't hear much of it mainly because I was really cold and there were too many people and her mandarin was spoken in such a way that left me wondering what was she saying. Due to the chilliness of the weather, my brain could not comprehend much of the Chinese Language but behind me, I was very sure I heard correctly that Prince Kung... or was it He Shen, the minister, kept gold bullion in the first floor. So no outsiders were allowed to roam around in his mansion and he made the whole place looked like a place of worship so no one was paying attention to the building. 
 The size of the mansion was a quarter of the size of the Forbidden City but Prince Kung's mansion was equally as wealthy as the Forbidden City. There were three factors where the public strongly believed in:

  1. Prince Kung was heavily involved in corruption until the mansion was once sealed while he underwent investigation
  2. Prince Kung was a resourceful man
  3. Prince Kung was having a homosexual affair with the emperor
Please don't jump on the third factor. All of us heard that correctly and a few of them said they have read that in their history books. It was said that the emperor spent most of his leisure hours at Prince Kung's mansion and likewise, Prince Kung went over to the Forbidden City whenever he had nothing better to do. OoOOOoOOOoOOO.... How did the emperor managed to have 926 concubines *I think that was the number* yet at the same time, he was having a homosexual relationship with Prince Kung? Was the emperor bisexual? Geez... I was just wondering out loud a second ago...
One of my new friends told me that this was the place where almost all the Chinese series were filmed. I don't watch any Chinese series but I did not watch them when I was in primary school. HHhhhmmm.... that's the place then to film all the old Chinese movies.
The girl next to me was a couple of years younger than me. She was one show-off person but I have to praise her for her bravery to converse in English. What an odd slang she has for a Chinese. She was speaking English with a heavy Russian accent and she said that's how her lecturers in the Foreign Studies taught her. Pinky and I were both scratching our heads, trying to make out the words that she was saying. Australian accent was not a heavy as what she her slang sounded like. One minute she sounded like a Russian and the next she sounded like a French. I asked her about her Frenchman slang and she said she learned it from a course mate who only dream of going to France one day. Oh, boy~!
We were enlightened with the cultural performance. The other girl actually dropped all her plates while making her turns. Oh.... what a pity~! I hope she didn't get a scolding from her mentor.

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