Friday, April 07, 2017

Celebrating at Kim Haus...

*woot woot* *blowing paper horn* *toot toot* Mummy is a party-goer. A week ago I was begging her to remove a few of her classes so we could have lunch after my exam. Mummy was adamant not to shelf any of the classes away as replacing classes is one very tiring task. Trust me, I know that totally. I have yet to replace all my classes from my one week off previously. It will take forever to replace them all and then something will crop up in between and more classes will be cancelled and then public holidays will be used up for replacement classes and the cycle never ends.
In the end, mummy relented and made those few classes disappear into thin air. Mummy decided to look for Kim Haus as recommended by one of her students. We missed it the first time so I double back, not to mention that I've driven around town area a few rounds in the morning. The place was too big and we were looking for a quaint little cafe, I think. It was just a few doors away from Boon Wah Textile Shop. 
The place has dim lighting but with comfortable setting. The food was okay. The apple beer sauce for the grilled chicken was something different. Pricing was errr.... I don't know... ask my mummy.
We had a good time albeit it was just a short while. I think all of us would prefer taking siesta after a heavy meal. Mummy and I had really heavy breakfast. I had the heaviest of all. I think I need to keep my gym time more constant... shall start tonight.

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