Saturday, April 22, 2017

Oz Day 7: Hobart Tower Motel...

~ 12th - 15th November 2015~
I chose Hobart Tower Motel because of the pricing. I'm the frugal traveler. I used to book for a two-person room for the first night while I asked for a family room for the next two nights because there would be 4 of us the next day.
Since I booked for a day tour the next day, I asked them to help us check out and check into the family room. The guy at the reception counter instead upgraded us straight to the family room as it was vacant. 
For the first night, the two us had 5 beds to sleep in. It was a really huge room and very comfortable. I don't know about all other negative comments, but I think no matter what, there's bound to be negative comments from fussy people. I'm not a fussy traveler. If I'm fussy then I'll book all of us into 5 star hotels and then I will not go anywhere. I'll just stay in the room until the room rot. 

Thanks Hobart Tower Motel for your hospitality. 

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