Thursday, April 13, 2017

Day 6: The Ol' Puffing Billy...

~11th November 2015~
A bus ride and then a train ride to Belgrave, the last stop to catch the old Puffing Billy. It was still chugging strong with coal and petrol. The old Puffing Billy was still one really good attraction for the locals, domestic tourists and international tourists. There were more Chinese signboards everywhere.
It was a wonderful slow ride overseeing the grassland from afar. We were above the sea level by many metres. We were as tall as the trees, even above the tree tops. With your feet hanging comfortably outside the train's body, it was surely a joy ride but don't slip to the other side, it would be a sight nobody wanted to see. 
There were a few stops. If you were in a hurry to another destination, then you can opt to get off at Menzies Creek or Emerald, whichever permissible. Mi madre and I had all the time in the world, so we went all the way to Lakeside. This was one of the most relaxing holidays according to me but yet the travel buddy's hubby still thought that my holiday was kinda too rush. I tend to cover more areas so that I would not miss out on anything. I wouldn't want to leave feeling that I have missed a fraction of a place.
I like the wooden railway tracks built across the road to connect to the hill. It was just amazing architecture.I could safely say that I enjoy train rides a lot no matter how slow they were. When we were heading back, I did not take as many photos. Just wanted to enjoy the ride with cool wind blowing in.

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