Saturday, April 22, 2017

Oz Day 7: Hi, Hobart City~!

~12th November 2015~
I was cracking my brain thinking how to sight-see around Hobart city - should we walk or join a one day trip. God is good, all the time. I have booked the shuttle bus from the airport to the city. We would be renting a car but when Pinky and Mr Ma arrived, Pinky will pick the car up.
We boarded the bus first and got front seats with good view of the road. The driver dropped us last so I got the camera busy. The shots were not perfect but at least we got to go around as the driver has to drop many other passengers staying in different motels and hotels. 
Hobart is one hilly city. It was uphill and downhill, flat lane for a few minutes' ride and then uphill with sharp gradient and rolling downhill again. It would be really tiring if we had to walk.
I thanked the driver for the free city tour at no extra charge at all. It was drizzling though and the rain just got heavier but we needed food very badly. 

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