Thursday, April 13, 2017

Oz Day 4: Zi Wei Yuan Chinese Restaurant in Malvern East...

~9th November 2015~
We're Chinese and we're always looking for Chinese food. Mr. Ma found one in Malvern East. The chef was from Shunde and we have always love food from Shunde. Pinky loves steamboat and for this trip, she wanted to share with me everything she loves. Both of us love food very much and we're really compatible when it comes to food. We're just not compatible when it comes to fashion. 
The food was really good but I just Google up that place and read a few unpleasant remarks written by a few patrons. A few said that the staffs were rude. In my opinion, the staff is only rude if you as a patron, shows that you are rude towards them. Restaurant workers are also human. Just because you are paying for your food, does not give you an upper hand to be rude. And sometimes they might not understand English that well because they are from China. If you think that they are stupid because they don't understand your English slang, then you are the stupidest person of all. Sometimes the ingredients to prepare the soup base cannot be found in Australia, so who to blame? Of course, they will tell you that the particular dish you ordered is out of stock. 
In conclusion, if you want good Chinese food yet not so expensive that it will bore holes in your pocket just after one meal, this place is a good pick. 
Mr. Ma decided to order extra in the pretext that I might not have enough to eat. Aha~! That's a real nice phrase to use. While waiting for the second helping, the couple just got into their anti-social mode and got busy with their phones. Both have too many friends virtually while I did not turn on the data. I have to conserve the data for future use especially to look at maps.

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