Sunday, April 16, 2017

Oz Day 6: Dinner at Maedaya - Japanese Cuisine...

~11th November 2015~
My love for Japanese cuisine was sparked by this travel buddy of mine. She has introduced me to a lot of wonderful cuisines since I first met her. My taste buds went up by many notches since then. Both of us fall head over heels for Japanese cuisine but we have never step foot on Japanese soil... yet. I really wish we can both go together then we will have a wonderful time eating round the clock, until we're completely broke. That's what we planned to do if we ever go to Japan together.
Since we were so far away from our dreams to be in Japan, the travel buddy decided to take us to Maedaya, a place she found and frequented with her hubby until there's nothing else to order from the menu. She just wanted to share everything she likes with mi madre and I within a very short period of time we had together. 
The menu was an iPad, same as what China was using. Malaysia still using pen and paper and shouting. It worked better through shouting, confirm your orders were heard by all. These were what we had, enjoy.... salivate all over the screen...

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