Sunday, April 16, 2017

Oz Day 6: Puffing Billy - The Lakeside Trail...

~ 11th November 2015~
Most people have no idea what to do at Lakeside. There's basically nothing to do there unless you venture out a bit. The first time Pinky and I were there, we just hung around like two lost bats, waiting for the train to depart back to Belgrave. We just went for the Puffing Billy ride and that was it.
This time round, I decided to bring mi madre for a long walk. We have nothing to kill except time. I was looking for a trail map but after looking at the map, which was just around the lake, one huge round with different trails, just forget about the map. Just walk on. As you walk you will discover and then you can decide whether to take the path on your left or on your right. If you chicken out halfway through, afraid that the woods would swallow you whole, then turn back.
The lake itself was quite a beauty. If you want to say that it's ugly, then I can't stop you from thinking or saying so. It was a really quiet place. I like it that way. We don't like crowded area. We walked through the fern gully to get to the wishing well. I did not take a photo of what was inside because I wanted to paint a good picture of Australia being a clean country. The wishing well was actually littered with plastic bottles. 
We wanted to walk further so we took the Pine Track to look at pine trees. Pine nuts are very expensive. We were wondering whether we could harvest some. Found the acorns but we did not have strong teeth like the squirrels so we failed to harvest any pine nuts. We were two nut cases there. We came across school children building their own shelter in the woods under the supervision of a teacher. No parents were allowed to even take a peek. The children were of primary level. The Malaysian parents would be worried sick thinking whether the trees would come tumbling down on their children or the mosquitoes in the woods would suck their children dry. 
We finished the walk and still had some time to linger around. The train would only leave at 2:30p.m. and we could take the train directly to Flinders Station, walk around and wait for Pinky to finish working.

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