Thursday, April 13, 2017

Oz Day 5: Queen Victoria Market...

~10th November 2015~
Pinky left for work. We decided to go slow for the day. A morning walk to the train was a good 24 minutes according to Google map. As the sun was not that hot so it was a good morning walk, admiring the lemon tree around the corner and then an orange tree. 
It was a train ride of 9 stations away from Flinders Street Railway station and a half circle tram ride plus some walking to do. There were different sections of the market but we headed straight to the one selling meat. The first stall that we came to was a big one selling pork. Mi madre bought a kilo of minced pork to make Pinky our Malaysian style 'bak kwa'. 
Then, I was eyeing at the angus beef burger which was marinated already. It was a wrong choice, very wrong. I have never like ready-marinated meat so I wonder why I changed my mind about that. We bought half of  a butter squash as it was Pinky's favourite and it was really cheap even after I did a quick Australian dollar to Malaysian Ringgit conversion. If you want to convert the currency when buying, you have to do it fast. It's a competition between the hand and the brain. The brain might be slow and then the hand has made payment. Transaction done. No point of return. If your hand is slow and your brain is quick, then you will end up buying nothing.
We bought the Alaska king crab and also a lobster tail. The travel buddy always complained that no one cooked for her seafood. So, there I was standing at her kitchen with limited kitchen utensils and searching for the non-existent cover to her wok. I mopped the floor while cooking as well. I don't even mop the floor of my house yet I flew all the way to Melbourne to mop her floor. She means a lot to me. I will clean the toilet for her if I have to. Action speaks louder than words. 
I don't have the photos of the cooked food. My heart aches thinking of my missing photos. Either the camera murdered the SD card or the SD card committed suicide. By the time we reached home from marketing, it was already around 4p.m. The walk home was a torture because the sun was out and we were carrying so many things. Next time I will drag a trolley to the market.

I found all my photos already, backed up by the hubby in an external drive. I cooked 3 simple dishes for Pinky, all her favourite. Half of the Alaskan king crab that she would definitely drool over, a lobster tail snuggled on a bed of spinach, spinach is my favourite and Pinky loves vegetables - win-win situation and then there's her all time delight pumpkin and pork belly which I turned into a dish. 

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