Thursday, April 13, 2017

Oz Day 4: Little Penguins at St Kilda

~9th November 2015~
To Phillip Island or St Kilda if you want to look at the little penguins? They are of the same species, I suppose. I have been to both during my first trip. For this second trip, I was still trying to decide where to go to watch the little penguins. In the end, I opted for St Kilda mainly because  I am a prudent traveler. It's free at St Kilda but if you go to Phillip Island, you will have to pay a fee as the place was nicely built for you to sit and wait for the penguins to swim home. The cold wind will knock you out before the penguins make their journey home.
When we were first at St Kilda, there were less than 10 people only. But when we were there in 2015, there were so many people. Everyone knows the place already. Volunteers were hard at work to make sure that no flash photography was used. The torch lights that they were using were of infrared ray. It would not do harm to the penguins eyesight and would not scare them away. The penguins were in their natural habitat. They would waddled and hopped to their respective holes. Some have family members waiting.
The baby penguins have thick fur but as they were growing up, those furs were long gone. Nobody was allowed to touch those penguins. They were small and cute but you wouldn't want to be pecked by the sharp beaks. I got a few snapshots of them penguins. They smell like salted fish walking around.
Enjoy the long boardwalk and the night view.

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