Sunday, August 26, 2012

...And They Were Gone...

... my holidays... I mean... what were you thinking? I would like to write a summary on my week-long holiday... see whether I can remember or not. On Friday, it was cooking day for Stefy's birthday party. More like an adult's party. We were having fun as well and it was the day that Juju found that Gracie isn't so graceful after all... Gracie was a little drunk and threatened to whack me with MY water bottle and Gracie challenged Juju to arm-wrestling... out goes her gracefulness into the toilet bowl. So, that was what I did for my Friday. One day down.

I have no recollection of what happen on Saturday. Oh, ya. I was at Queensbay, doing what? Couldn't remember at all. I think we walked around Queensbay oh, to buy some pasteurized eggs for the lemon frosting. Was that all? I think so... and we did go to church later in the evening. Second day gone. 

Sunday... Sunday... hhhmmm.... hhmmm... I guessed I was lying on the floor watching some old movies. I have to enjoy my television. Everyone has been using it except me. Yeah... that's what I do. I did not bother looking at the clock and I was watching the movies alone as hubby was catching up on his long lost sleep. Third day gone. 

Monday... spent most of my time watching movies again. Gosh... I really can't remember how I spent my day. I think I went to market with my mama. I better continue blogging on my China trip before I forget all the details completely. I still remember bits and pieces of the trip. Okay... so my fourth day also gone... but I kinda enjoy the relaxing time, rolling on the floor. I couldn't remember the title of movies that I have watched.  I wasn't making an effort to remember them as well. At least I could recognize the movie if I were to watch it for the second time. Fourth day gone... 
Tuesday. Tuesday was really fun. Ladies' morning. And I have a chauffeur... we went to Air Itam dam for a walk. Surprisingly, there were so many people that we couldn't find a parking space at all. So, we had to park quite a distant away from the main parking bay. And there were terrapins in the dam. Who put them here? After an hour of 2.8km of walking, we went for a walk around the market area. 
They had a great time scooping coconut flesh at the roadside while I have no love for coconuts. Where's Gracie? Why wasn't she eating? Gracie... you like coconut or you don't as well? Funny... we've been out for so many times and I realized that I don't really know her. She has morphed into someone else. Until today I still didn't know how did she get drunk while having dinner at my place on Friday night when I have no liquor or whatever equivalent to liquor in the house. She must be drunk of chocolate. Will get to know her better... and she's one scary driver... a real Penang driver... I have mellowed down... but I can be a road bully if I want to... but I chose not to be one.. .for the time being. 

We went up to the Kek Lok Si temple so that Mary can see the tortoises but in the end, along the way where there were so many stalls selling t-shirts, I ended up buying for my eldest and my precious. Call me bias... I am... when you have four you just couldn't buy for all and my pineapple is of my size so it was easier for her to just wear mine.... heheheh... my youngest... punishment for her for being disrespectful... no clothes... but I bought her two of her favourite homey shorts a couple of days back. 
We went for bowling after that. Gracie won in both games... see... she's not the quite little church mouse. Hah~! She's not a mouse at all. She's a... a.... transformer? We were kinda tired after the first game because we haven't had our lunch. Juju was bowling with us and she kept on asking me whether Gracie was a bad person last time... the gangster type. I guess she must be but the Lord must have changed her until now... hhmmm... that's a tough question to answer my cousy. 

Our impromptu plan was to go to Nibong Tebal to see the fireflies but Juju changed her mind not to go as she said it was starting to rain. Good idea to scrape it off. The boat wouldn't be operating if it was raining and it would be a waste of our trip. So, suddenly I have the urge to go watch a movie and off we went to Queensbday Mall to catch a movie. There were available tickets for the Bourne Legacy and I spent the first half an hour sleeping. It was a confusing start and I missed looking at Matt Damon running all over the screen. 

By the time we went home, it was 14 hours where we spent outside of the house. Great outing... and we went home broke. So there goes my fifth day.

Wednesday. Wednesday was spent with my precious and my pineapple. And the first event was one disgusting one. It cost RM100 to remove the shit in her ears. 
Yeah... that's called the ear wax. Don't puke okay... just in case you have never seen your own ear wax before because the one that you dig out using cotton buds looked really clean. Now, my precious can hear loud and clear so I needn't have to yell at her.
I found the best koay teow th'ng just opposite the clinic in Carnavon Street. You have no idea how much I love koay teow th'ng and hubby made the best koay teow th'ng. I've planned out the day pretty well and my pineapple has been looking forward to watch Step Up Revolution. If you ask me, my personal opinion would be, yeah... you better watch all the Step Up movies available. You'll not regret it and if you enjoy watching flash mob, it's all the most worth while to watch Step Up Revolution. We did a movie marathon as my pineapple has never done that before. We watched The Three Stooges after that... really stupid Moe, Curly and whatever his name was. It reminded me of P. Ramlee's movie, Do Re Mi. It's the same but in Malay version. I grew up in the Malay era so I watch more Malay movies than English during those times where P. Ramlee movies were a hit in the television.
I don't know how come we were so broke since the previous day but at the same time I was rich enough to buy Brabantia's indoor and outdoor clothes hanger that cost about RM500. I think I had a serious overspending issue staring back at me for this month... I can't wait for next month to come to my rescue. For the time being, my kids are richer than I am. My precious treated us to simple double toasts before the second movie continued and my pineapple treated us to the Taiwanese dessert. Then, we went back for dinner. We had salmon, satay chicken and lychee for dinner... see... we were rich, weren't we? We have such good food... salmon for dinner, could you imagine that?
Then, mi ladies came over and Wyn came over after that. Gracie had a serious muscle aching problem in her arms now. She was boxing the air and she won... lack of exercise, mi lady? There goes my sixth day.

Thursday. Mi last day... aww... and I spent them sleeping until 9 a.m. then went out again with Judz and Gracie. Instead of taking a morning walk at the Metropolitan Park, we ended up at the BB Coffee Shop having breakfast as the rain started to pour like nobody's business. Then, Gracie had her piano lessons and I spent my whole day tidying up my top notch kitchen, mopping the whole house including the stairs and cleaning the top area and it was tiring but I still had time to watch another movie but I almost fall asleep halfway thru. The best part of watching a movie at home was you could always shut it off then continue the next day. I can take 5 days just to watch a movie... hehehe.... There... there all my seven days of holidays well spent with friends and family. 

Friday. Starting to work but we went back to another house to find a stinky surprise. The refrigerator died while we were away. The stench from the rotten food and spoiled sauces were disgusting and the tap head almost turned into the garden's water sprinkler. Aww... I already overspent so how am I gonna get a new refrigerator? Hhhmmm.... I will have to handle my finances better for the next month...  and we cleaned the house and again, made a fortune by selling old newspapers. Whoever says that junk is not salable? Oh, no~! Almost 2 a.m. now... how am I gonna wake up tomorrow... hah....

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