Wednesday, August 08, 2012

That Rainbow Doodle Cake...

On Sunday night, I wanted to start earlier to bake the rainbow cake but my plan was smashed as I was sitting at the coffee shop, watching the heart-pounding match for badminton. I ended up starting to bake at 10p.m. but it wasn't so as well. I shooed hubby off to sleep as we were both extremely tired. Then I started mixing all the much ingredients into a big pot. I no longer use the mixing bowl that came together with the mixer. It was too small so I was using the pot which I used to make soup.... a large one indeed. I blended the mixture until it was as fluffy as Savvy's fur. And I had a pounding headache. By the time I finished mixing everything, I went to look at the wall clock and I almost collapsed in a heap. It was already midnite. I was calculating... if I were to start baking at 12 a.m. gone will be my sleeping time and I just could not do it anymore. I ran up and woke hubby up. 
He said he would do it and he is always much better than I am in doing these stuff. I would have dump everything into the oven but hubby baked each layer for 15 minutes. It's a rainbow cake so we have 15 layers times 2 coz I separate the batter into two bake tins. Will show you the other one later. I have no idea what happen because when I sleep, I sleep like a log. Nothing can move me. Hubby took lots of photos to entertain himself maybe. Next day when we woke up, we travelled back to another house in town to find that P. Ramlee Road and Patani Road were underwater thus, I cancelled off my morning class as the traffic was one dead lock traffic. 

We wanted to continue with our precious sleep but I was stuck online :D Then hubby was doing the housework and the initial plan for the afternoon was to watch the movies Total Recall and The Dark Knight Rises at Lotus Five Cinema, just within the walking distance from our house. We cancelled that because I reckon I would be the one who fall asleep halfway through the movie. And Hubby slept at 4 a.m. so he would love his afternoon cat nap. We went to a shop called Bonjour, selling all cake stuff at Lintang Burma in Pulau Tikus. I have a great shopping spree there. I bought lots and lots of utensils for baking. So, without all the utensils, no wonder my cake was one ugly one.
I left Hubby to have his cat nap while I went grocery shopping in Tesco. I have friends in Tesco :D One by the name of Lia manning the fishy department and another one at the cashier counter, Sharon. Oh, by the way, Bonjour sells the dairy products a hundred times cheaper than Tesco. Even the Anchor butter is in 250g instead of the usual 227g found in supermarkets. And it's only RM6.60, buy 10 get 1 block free :D Oh, I bought lots and lots of new toys from Bonjour. And look at the extra large rolling pin. Hubby rolled the fondant for me as I have no such skill. 
At night, my kitchen became the place where everyone squeezed around the table. They were having a fun time doodling the cake with my Gourmet Writer magic ink pens. 
You see, I separated the doodling surface into halves. One half for the older teenagers and the other side for the younger teenagers. Guess which side was ours? The side with the simple doodles was what we started off first. We had no idea what to draw so it looked like a 3-year-old's doodling. Hey, I drew Nobita's face... not bad eh.... 
That's the cake. The fondant was sweet, of course la... icing sugar ma... but the cake... hhmmmm... I think I reduced the sugar too much... will increase them again...

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