Wednesday, August 08, 2012


I thought that decorating a cake is as easy as cooking up a storm in the kitchen. I was wrong. I started decorating this cake around 11p.m. The recipes from Google never inform that to decorate a cake eats up the most time. It's like a quarter of the day gone just to decorate a cake. Or should I say almost 80% of my sleeping time gone. Thank God hubby was helping me or else I would have slept on the cake itself. I have no skills patience in ruffling the swiss meringue buttercream that's why I did it half way and give up. I thought of something else along the way and changed the decoration. 
Hubby was more adamant. He finished the whole cake with nicely done ruffles. It was in blueberry and I puke at the smell and taste. We finished at 5 a.m. and staggered upstairs to the lovely bed. Plopped and dozed off to dreamland only to be waken by the alarm clock at 8a.m. Have to work :S the rest of the day was a blur of wanting to sleep. 
Now, truth facts about this cake. I reduced the sugar content so it was bitter and it was an intense cake. I don't like such cake. And the taste of blueberry was a real turn off. And I dislike thick butter cream. Half of the cake was dumped into the rubbish bin. I shall look for different recipes and cut off meringue buttercream from my list. I have to seriously find time to bake and decorate as I'm not so willing to sacrifice my much needed sleep just to decorate a cake. It's ridiculous. 

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