Friday, August 24, 2012

Stefy's 15th Birthday...

That was last Friday. Invited the few teenagers who loved to gather at my house. They helped around in the kitchen during the unimportant part but when I was cooking the major stuff, they ran off to the big field playing water balloons, throwing water balloons at each other until they were soaked from head to toe. They came back just in time to help out in the kitchen. It was a great cook out with everyone fitting into the kitchen. That proves that the kitchen is big enough for everyone. I just need an extra stove and an extra sink... just saying...
On Thursday or was it early morning of Friday, my eldest and I was staying up until the wee hours of the morning, decorating two cakes at the same time. My eldest was depending on me on how to decorate a cake as she has no creative cells in her. She's more a hands-on person while I'm the creative one. I was cracking my head and this came out after so many hours. We were playing with the chocolate moulds trying to figure out which looked better. She's good with her hands. We were filling up the chocolate moulds and then trying to squeeze them into the refrigerator. It was so full until in the end I put a few in the freezer. We did a great job and we even cleaned the kitchen up at 4 a.m. My eldest was holding the mop and I thought she must have gone crazy but I helped with the mopping, too. Two nutcases in the kitchen, talking, laughing and head-scratching.
That's my precious' birthday cake for her 15th birthday. She wanted a very moist chocolate cake and this was the most perfect cake that I've ever made. The cake melted in the mouth. That was really moist and I was really proud of myself. All the teenagers were upstairs watching movie on the new plasma tv while we were in the kitchen waiting for the guest of honour. How did the guest of honour changed as she wasn't even the birthday girl. My birthday princess was already upstairs sitting comfortably in a corner with my stuffed dog in her arms. 
Now, that's the guest of honour. We waited for her so that we could have a second helping. I cooked the whole afternoon. I was too tired to snap any good photos. That was the whole tray of shepherd's pie, some orange and poppy seed cake pops, hubby fried lots and lots of chicken backside which Mr. Daniel helped to finish and we had the best satay in Penang all the way from Teluk Kumbar. If you're a Penangnite and you have no idea where Teluk Kumbar is *shake head* I don't know what to say. Teluk Kumbar is one place that's in the developing process. A 5-star hotel will be built with so many modern designed bungalows. It will be a township on its own. 

That guest of honour has to watch her diet. She's just having small meals in between... *in-house joke*

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