Saturday, August 11, 2012

How to De-stress During Exam Week...

The trial for Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) is left with two days only, next Monday and Tuesday. Prior to the exam, it was one stressed out week. While I was forcing them to study harder, I was very disappointed with a few of them who could have done really well, but due to the laziness syndrome and lack of desire to study harder, they were burning the midnight oil. Every year I sing the same tune, advised the teenagers on how to study effectively and what to do to ensure good grades all year round but any sort of advice seem to fall upon deaf ears every year. Different set of teenagers but same behaviour.... just that the present generation is worse than the one before. Nagging doesn't work so I stop telling them to study. No point repeating. They have heard until they thought I was singing a lullaby to them. 
Change tactic la... bring out the pillow... encourage them to sleep more... encourage them to watch more television to improve their language skills... no to the formal, yes to the latter... That's not a pillow... and why was that blue? It was suppose to be Satin Ice's PURPLE fondant but it turned out blue. Something must be wrong somewhere but it was wonderful :D For those who refused to study, pushed their heads into the fondant, threaten them to study until all historical facts and literature components enter their brains. 
I didn't do anything bad. They know what they are doing and what they are suppose to do. Since they want to de-stress, I can't make them run round the wide field in front of the house so instead, I bring out the cake that I wanted so much to decorate myself, I gladly passed them two of my fudge writing gels and my purple-covered fondant rainbow cake and let them have the best time of their lives. Their first time doodling on a cake instead of doodling nonsense on my paper-wrapped table. They were indeed having a good time.
That's the Maths question that Zoe could not solve >.< and It's Tuesday.... the only thing I wrote... the Chinese sentence 'I DO NOT WANT TO STUDY' is an echo of most teenagers if not all. Then, they drew two piles of shit. Wyn drew a stickman walking a dog but dunno what happen, the dog's head fall off and the dog died at the side of the cake. 
I will do this again... one day... after I learn NOT to reduce the sugar... I have to change my mindset regarding the amount of sugar dumped into the mixer. I just could not stand looking at so much sugar being used for a cake. It's gonna cause me to have mental diabetes before I even eat the cake...

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