Monday, August 20, 2012

It's A Holi Holiday~!

Hurrah~! Hurrah~! It's a holi holiday~! Not much to post as I don't have my SD card reader with me and I usually enjoy posting along with photos. I find it quite difficult for the eyes to digest a post with too many minute words without any colourful photos to go along with it. I'm currently waiting for my orange and lemon cake to cool down before I flip the cake onto the cake board. It's a cake for my old neighbour and it's Raya holidays now. Old neighbour doesn't mean she's old. She's of my age and we grew up together. It's my annual week-long holiday and surprisingly one of the students' parent is against me in taking this holiday. Thus, I've decided not to teach her for the next year.

It's not fair because all the other public holidays that fall on Saturdays, I've ignored them totally and now that the mother is being so calculative with me taking Raya holidays, I was totally pissed off. So, there you go... I do not wish to teach a girl with such a calculative parent. Most of the time, it's the parents who kill, not the student. If I'm to calculate, you owed me four public holidays... one for the King's birthday, one for Wesak Day, one for the Penang's Yang di-Pertua's birthday and one for Penang's Heritage Day.. there you go... you owe me FOUR holidays and yet you wanna calculate with me for ONE Raya holiday... I was so pissed off.... and I'm STILL pissing away and I HATE people who calculate with me because I'm generally a very generous person....

I'm having a great time at home, lying about watching my 43-inch Plasma tv. I know some people have a 70-inch flat screen but I'm happy that I have a 43-inch, already an upgrade compared to my 29-inch. We used to only watch from a somewhere around 14-inch manual television where you have to get up from the sofa and press to change channel. Slap the television at the side a few times if the picture ran into the back of the idiot box.

Oh, we had a simple dinner at the new neighbour's house. Love the rendang eaten with ketupat. Planning to have grilled salmon for breakfast tomorrow :D and laze around for a few more days. Hey, I deserve my holidays. I've been working everyday... Hhmmm.... no pictures for this post as I'm using my mama's lappie to online forawhile... tomorrow going to another neighbour's house for lunch~!!!


Ping Ping said...

eh..tot u dun wanna makan d after the party?? :P

seahorse27 said...

Muahahaha... still eating away... When full mah say don't wanna eat lor... mana tau always hungry :D