Wednesday, August 01, 2012

I'm Thrilled to the Max~!

"There is no right or wrong way in life. It is just longer or shorter once you know your way." E.L.
What Donk Donk says make sense...  as a good cake-decorating tips, not in real life though. In real life, there is a right or wrong way. For example, if you take the wrong way and ended up as a drug addict, drug pusher or drug mule or you take the wrong way and become a criminal, a murderer by accident or a notorious gang leader, that wrong way will lead you to a dead end, as in you will get caught by the authority, thrown into the prison and faced a hanging punishment. Then, you're dead. You die before the appointed time. So, in real life there is a right and a wrong way. Thus, the best example to amplify the Donkey's saying is to use it in my journey of self-learning the way to decorate cakes.

You see that Gourmet Writer? Do you remember playing with magic inks when you were small? I don't see children playing with magic inks nowadays. I saw this AmeriColor Gourmet Writer while I was Googling for cake recipes. The website is selling the accessories for cake deco but I'm not one who will buy anything online except for my plane tickets. I thought I will never see the Gourmet Writer until I went to Hong Yap, a shop selling all sorts of stuff for baking in Siam Road. I was watching the movie 'We Not Naughty' for the fourth time with Judz and Gracie so I was undecided whether to go or not to go. In the end, after my precious' piano class, we went together for awhile. That for a while was a fruitful trip. I went crazy seeing all the Americolor food dyes but it was oil-based and used best mix with melted white cooking chocolate, that's what the shop people said but in the end, I saw the magic inks... the Gourmet Writer... now I can write on my cakes. Judz said I'm obsessed with baking... and I have to agree to that... it was just so addictive that once you start baking, you can't stop... Claire told me a year ago when she started baking...
I received this two days ago. Hubby bought for me this. See, told ya' he's very supportive of me doing things. I want my garden vege plot, it appears. Now, I'm into baking, he buys all the accessories for me. My hubby can cook and bake, too. He's better in everything but I'm more meticulous in doing things. I'm a near perfectionist. Now, I don't have to use a self-made plastic for writing. This is battery-operated... reminds me of our battery-operated screw driver in the tool box kept in the storeroom. 
We tried this out to see whether it's functioning properly or not. It was so difficult to remove the plunger and everything. My eldest and I struggled to remove it. In the end everything came out with a loud 'PIAK'. We were so afraid of breaking some of the parts. Thank God nothing bad happen... one cake coming up next week... no no... three cakes coming out by this weekend :D

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