Sunday, August 12, 2012

What Am I Thinking?

I have lots of stuff going on in my mind right now. It's like a circus in there or more like a theme park complete with a variety of booths, dry park and wet park. I am currently Googling around for cake recipes. Different contributors have different ideas. I am no contributor, I'm recipe extractor. And I'm gonna keep it that way for the time being. I am cracking my head to think of what how to decorate the cakes with all my utensils and what not's. For an amateur, I have lots and lots of stuff... I'm just waiting for an idea to come popping or I shall leave the cake in the refrigerator and pray about it.

Then I have paper work which I'm too lazy to bother about since it's the weekend. I plan to sleep early but it's already past midnight. There goes my plan of turning off the light before 12 a.m. 

I have my precious' party to think of. I'm thinking whether to make it big or keep it small. And I have the preparation of food to think about... I know the teenagers are thinking about water balloon fight... and I'm not a party pooper I will not stop anyone from having fun just don't dirty the house too much. 

I'm thinking of what to do during my week-long Raya break. I'm already thinking about finishing all my posts on my China trip and uploading the photos. I'm still stuck with all the photos. And I'm thinking about how to decorate the house at the same while thinking of how to keep the other house neat and tidy. It looks like my old house is piled up with stuff strewn everywhere. Who dumped their stuff everywhere without putting them back on the same place? Me... I'm the culprit but I refuse to change my carefree style :D

Back to hunting for recipes... and the guinea pigs will be fed with experimental-level cakes... muahahahaha

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