Sunday, August 26, 2012

Eid al-Fitr...

Eid al-Fitr... the English term for Hari Raya Aidilfitri. I'm more used to Hari Raya Aidilfitri instead of Eid al-Fitr. I have a week-long holiday that came to an end on Friday. Hari Raya is one of the holidays which I'm looking forward to as I get to have a week-long break other than the Chinese New Year celebration. It's quite impossible to take a week-long break for Deepavali as the Indians don't even get such a long holiday. Hey, I'm staying in Malaysia so of course I enjoy all the celebrations. There are discounts in shopping malls which I took advantage of. But for this Raya, I did something different.
I did the Hershey's moist chocolate cake with the chocolate frosting for Lia. You might wonder who the heck is Lia. I make friends kinda fast so I don't know when it happen, but it just happened. Lia is working in Tesco, the seafood department... what are you guessing? Yeah... I spend the longest time shopping for prawns, fish and all sorts of edible aquatic animals. So, before long we would be yakking a bit here and there while she was cleaning my fish. Actually, I cleaned my own fish but she insisted on doing it so I let her. She finds pleasure in doing her job and we both find that we're great yakking away. I just wanted to do this for her because I have all the Raya accessories for cakes and I can only use them once a year. 
Then, this is a little bit different with the chocolate mosques all around the cake. This was the most difficult to do. I almost scraped away the side decoration as it wasn't perfect and spoiled the whipped cream. That was an orange and lemon cake. That was for my new neighbour. Love thy neighbour, that's what Jesus reminded us. So, whether my neighbour is a Muslim or not, I'll have to learn how to love them as they will be the nearest help I can ever get in times of trouble. So far, they have been very nice. We went over for ketupat and rendang on the first day of Raya, at night. 
This is for my old neighbour. Old as in she's of my age and we've known each other since we were wild kids. We were always playing together. I would be going over to her house most of the time as my house has a dog all the time. Love thy neighbour. This neighbour is easy to love. Thank God for good neighbour. And Shakee's mom cooked really nice Malay food and she cooked just for us neighbours as she was still fasting for another extra 6 days, Puasa 6. Shakee was the one who wanted the orange and lemon cake so I made it for her. I've only eaten the cake once when I was doing a trial run on the recipe. I love it but during the trial run, I did not grease the silicone tray so if you're into baking, you would have known what happened to my cake. They were all stuck in the tray and hubby and I scooped the cake out using our bare fingers and the cake went straight into our mouth. They were delicious, not yucky at all, thanks to the online tips on how to bake the best cake. 

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