Friday, August 24, 2012

Last Thursday...

You know... it always appears in the newspapers and the Internet, reminding us never to review our whereabouts so that people would not harm us or know that the house is empty to invite intruders in. Thus, I'm one who never updates on my whereabouts. By the time you know where I was, it was already over and days or weeks or months or years have past. I don't blog immediately as I do not see the need in doing so. I write whenever I can find the time like right now, I have my King size mattress propped up, have the floor mopped and I was sitting on the small stool instead of sitting at the edge of the mattress. I was waiting for the floor to dry up before plopping the mattress back on the floor and while doing so, I chose to upload some photos and update a little bit on this humble blog of mine. 
I don't really know where I caught the bug of snapping the photos of food. It was like I was snapping a food pic and then suddenly everyone else was doing it as well. So, who started the trend? Nah... wouldn't dwell into such thing. Last Thursday, we had visitors from Venus and Uranus. I wouldn't post up any of their photos just in case I scare you straight out of this universe and right into the twilight zone. We were just tagging along as Gracie had to go to the commissioner of oath but while waiting, we had nowhere to go. So, we thought of going to the nearest coffee stall. Mana tahu there was this Tea Garden selling the Taiwanese traditional cold dessert and we ended up there. So, that was breakfast and it was such a big bowl. 
Then, suddenly we had lunch in Prangin. That was at JL Gourmet and I didn't want to eat because I've cooked bak kut teh at home. That should be my lunch but then it smelt kinda tempting. I got myself the Trawler's Pie, a seafood pie which I have no regrets in ordering one. 
Hhmmm... those two... with the technology bug. There were either updating or texting or checking their e-mails. Thank God I don't have such phone or else none of us would be talking. Instead we would be texting each other while sitting on the same table. 

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