Wednesday, August 01, 2012

That Sweet Potato...

It's funny how I always prepare food for others and now that I'm being served by others, I actually feel very awkward. I have a class with WP on Tuesday mornings. His mom would make me a huge cup of Horlicks. I like Horlicks. I thank God that she didn't give me a tall glass of fresh milk. I would have cried while gulping it down the throat. This morning, I was served with a freshly steamed sweet potato. It was purple in colour. I am not that localize in terms of food. I have no idea how to it eat. I was staring at the sweet potato and I thought about Pinky and her sweet potato back when we were in Beijing. WP's mom kept on asking me to bite the whole thing together with the skin. OOoOOoOOoo... the skin was brushed clean of any dirt sticking on it. Finally, I sank my teeth into the hard soft steamed sweet potato.
Oh... it was really good especially when it was eaten hot. I chewed off the whole sweet potato but halfway thru I was very full. I just had breakfast from home. I had chocopops with Milo. I wanted to snap a photo of having chocopops but my camera was upstairs and I was too lazy to get it so no chocopops picture. Maybe tomorrow I will have chocopops for dinner instead of breakfast :D

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