Saturday, October 24, 2009

How Bad Could It Be?

Whenever I was rushing for time, I find myself walking in circles of my apartment building, searching for my car. I couldn't remember where I parked the car the previous nite. Then, fantastically the car would be just a few steps from the lift. It wasn't the first time. There were times I walked right past my car, stood beside other car and happily pressed on the remote button just to find that the beeping came from behind me. Sheer embarrassment... and sometimes I thought the remote failed to function and I was about to use the key only to look into the car and realized how different it looked inside.

After church, I decided to walk to the nearest Maybank to get to the ATM. Actually I don't mind which bank also can as long as there's MEPS Cash. I was too lazy to drive as it was quite difficult to get a parking space. Thus, I chose to walk. Healthy ma... Then, walked back to the car parked at the Shell Station. All these years, I've never entered the small convenient store at the Shell Station, so I went in to get some Twisties. It was really small. I walked in and there... right in front of me.... a CIMB ATM machine! ARGH!! Fine! I'll take that as warming up my body...

After that, I had an appointment at McD Seberang Jaya. Sad to say, that fella PPK-ed me. Thus, I ended up enjoying myself licking a ChocoTop ice-cream, sitting at a table for six as other tables were occupied. Suddenly, came two locals sitting beside me without asking whether the other seats were taken up or not. The couple came with a big family of ME (go figure out yourself) foreigners. In less than a minute, I was standing up and leaving MY table and they TOOK OVER MY TABLE! It was just a simple question of asking me whether I can move my ass to another table but they had to take over the whole table by force! Instead of giving them a piece of my mind... I was laughing at how silly I was to just give up my table. Oh... boy... tourists from ME are really horrible... *kurang ajar* Come to my country, some more 'rampas' my table...

At the end of the day, it wasn't that bad. I wasn't upset by any of the incident. Instead, I had more time talking to God while driving back. It was a smooth drive back crossing the Penang Bridge. Life wasn't so bad after all. It was how you see things that make it bad. There's always two sides of the coin.

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