Friday, September 17, 2010

Dreams and Goals...

Dreams. I am a dreamer. Everything big and wonderful starts with a simple dream. A dream can be meaningless, meaningful or just a scary dream - a nightmare. Dream big. From that one particular dream, if you grasp hold the meaning of it, it will turn into the goals of your life. A goal to achieve success.

It is true that dreams only appear when we are asleep and goals stay with us during our waking and sleeping hours. As I've known a man who always uses his lousy English to write shoutouts to gain strength in order to breed unity by having people 'LIKE' everything he says even if it's so ridiculous and sounded like he wants to be God himself, he has described that having goals in life are better than having dreams.

Nothing will be established without having a dream first. A desire to start something big in life always started with something small. That man has probably forgotten that due to his pride and ego. If there's no thought to start something, it will never happen. Dreams and ideas are always running on parallel.

By the way, heard of this self-written statement?
Those who are weak will try to make others weak because weakness needs company. But those who are strong make others stronger because strength breeds unity.

The man who wrote all these has a totally different personality. He doesn't walk his talk. A man with such ego and with his PhD in psychology, he didn't carry himself as one except with people who worked for him. People who are weak need guidance from others, they do not have have the intention of making others weak. It just so happen that a person who is weak tend to be negative and but those who are strong, like he thinks he is a strong person, he doesn't breed strength. He alienates himself and chooses the strong people to be his counterparts.

There's this part where God asks us to love the unlovable... not love those who are lovable because everyone can do that. Never call yourself a Christian when you turned down a person's prayer request. No Christians will ever turn down a person's prayer request and hurt the person before going for a mission trip.

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