Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Hike to Remember...

This wasn't a last minute plan. We had planned the hike earlier as my precious was pestering me about going to Pantai Kerachut. After the first experience of travelling along with a convoy, I'm good in doing so. For this trip, we went in 3 cars. All in all, 12 amateur hikers. While waiting for the rest to reach, I started snapping photos. I like the jetty as previously I was walking on an old wooden one beside this newly built jetty.
As you can see, the weather was great. Two days before, it was pouring cats and dogs and one day after, the rain was unstoppable. Now, I truly understand the power of prayer where you pray and believe that you have received it. One of the hikers asked me what happens if it rains. I straight away answered her, "It won't rain. I've prayed for good weather and good weather we would get." Indeed, God answers prayer even if it was as small as regarding the weather as He has power over the sea and the sky.
This hike was more like a photography session. I have more than 500 photos but only uploaded 179 photos in Facebook while the rest of them have more than 100 with them as well. In every stop, we were posing in front of the camera, my camera mainly.
Then, we went for the canopy walk. It wasn't my first time on a canopy walk as I had walked on one in Selangor Forest Reserve 10 years ago. I truly love this kinda activity. I'll choose all of these things over shopping.
Now, it was exactly the blind leading the blind hike. I've never been there before but since there's a map and also some signs then we just hiked. Hey, that's the wrong way... aiya... turned back to the other side... see... the blind leading the blind... haha...
It took us 3 hours to reach, hiking up and down, crawling over toppled trees due to heavy rain, enjoying looking at giant pandan leaves, huge centipedes, purple mushrooms and ants working hard carrying their loads and I have all that captured. The picture above was a very special lake but it has dried up due to the hot weather... and I have no idea when it will be filled up again. Have a read about this unique lake.
I was totally awe struck looking at the scenery. It is so BEAUTIFUL~! And I thought I was in another island. God is just so amazing and I really pray that there won't be any development in this place or I will personally rally against it.
This is so much like a postcard picture. The 3-hour hike was worth every single ounce of sweat just to be able to look at such beautiful view. The quietness and the serenity. I couldn't express how much I love this place. The main reason I wanted to go to Pantai Kerachut was to look at this adorable cute creature created by God.
I do not have to travel to Rantau Abang in Terengganu just to look at turtles as we have it here in our own backyard. To some people, it is not worth going to Pantai Kerachut because you only have a few little turtles to see then you have nothing to do anymore unless you choose to have a swim in the clear sea. Well, it's not so for us. We swept the floor and remove as much sand as possible from the plank floor and then we started going crazy with my camera again.
This is what I call bonding time. It makes me feel a decade younger again. Anyway, I'm not that old, I'm forever young.
We really love that day. The day didn't end there. After the hike, the great food came along and we went to another place as well. Another eye-opener in our own backyard.
We took a boat home because we had jelly legs and we couldn't imagine hiking up and down for a couple more hours to go home. I recognized this boatman and he recognized me as well. I have always wanted to learn how to operate a motorboat and the simplest thing I could do was ask him whether he could teach me how to handle one. Yeah... no doubt he was rushing for time, he taught me how to handle one so now I have no problem getting a speedboat revving on the sea. Again, God knows what I have desired for...

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