Monday, September 27, 2010

It Takes A Stalker to Know Another...

*Laughing away and chuckling*... like the old adage, "It takes a thief to catch a thief."
I woke up this morning and had a hearty laugh looking at this:
Question - How do you get a monkey stalking you off your back?
This morning I skipped going to the gym because I woke up feeling sleepy, so slept for another extra hour and I was laughing my way to a fresh awakening reading that plus the laughable comments.

Now, the donkey is talking... and a big old donkey at that...

Hhhmmmm.... that's not such a nice donkey pic... what about this then?In this case, the donkey thinks that there's a monkey behind its back, instead of puss-in-boots poking the donkey with his sword... *hahahaha... I just can't help laughing while typing away*

Well... donkey ain't smart enough because that's the trait of a donkey. A monkey, on the other hand, is one cheeky and agile plus adorable cute little one...


Donkey and monkey used to be friends. Donkey found monkey first but donkey forgets that honesty is the best policy in friendship. Monkey is always cheeky but donkey is one dull friend who couldn't cope with monkey's cheekiness and agility. In a few occasions, donkey stepped on monkey's tail while walking but donkey never said sorry. Monkey didn't really bother about those even though it hurts. When monkey started communicating more with donkey, monkey realized that donkey never keep to its words. Donkey never visited as promised. Donkey promises photos of places but never do that as well. Donkey said a lot of things but never keep to any of his words. Monkey doesn't like to be lied at.
Donkey was never remorseful of telling lies after lies. Donkey ignores monkey whenever donkey wishes, but donkey used to give the assurance that donkey will never do that, not ever... no matter how busy donkey was with work and games or travelling...
After some time, donkey started to act like a zebra. Showing all its black stripes. Telling monkey what he can or cannot do. Donkey wasn't like that before :( donkey has never been like that. Looks like donkey finally shows it's true colour. Donkey was mean and kicked monkey away. Donkey will never show its true colours to people who work for him.
Monkey knows donkey's dislikes in certain things but being cheeky, monkey will always disturb donkey for the fun of it. Donkey is too stupid to see it that way and took things seriously most of the time. Monkey comes to realize that donkey contradicts himself in his own shoutout. That cartoon pic is like donkey talking to its own image...
In conclusion, a donkey will always be a donkey. Smart in his own thinking yet stupid at the same time, yet people will always LIKE what donkey says because donkey has nice braying voice and donkey loves the attention from people. For the donkey to go head on with the monkey... think hard, donkey. Both donkey and monkey have very bad temper and monkey's temper will hurt donkey until the tail goes missing.

PS. Monkey will hunt donkey down in person. Run, donkey, run~! Donkey made a grave mistake by hurting monkey so badly before monkey went off to an important trip and donkey never said a single word of sorry right until today.

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