Friday, September 24, 2010

This Means A Lot To Me...

Nothing means more than getting soak with God's Word. The start of just 15 minutes of devotion time doesn't work at all because now that when I'm done, it's around an hour. An hour of carrying out Bible study with the kids with explanation and everything and another hour or so of devotion time for myself. I have never walk so close to the Lord and it brings so much peace that no words can describe. Logos to rhema... words do jump out of the Bible and get implanted in the heart. In this decaying world, morally decaying world I should say, you need God more than anything else. The most essential part of relationship with God is love. If there's no love, then there's nothing more to say. You can't force yourself to follow His path if you don't love Him. It will be just like reading a compilation of olden days law book, history, short stories written in parables, books of angels and something like reading the Chicken Soup. The Bible is more than that. It's alive~!

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