Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Gift of a Day...

Life at its essence boils down
to one day at a time.
Today is the day~!
How will you want to spend the last day of your life and of all things, what will you want to pack into that one 24-hour period?

For myself, I would want to wake up early in the morning. Enjoy the scenery, even if it's just staring into blocks and blocks of buildings but of course if I have the energy, I will want to drive to somewhere quiet and beautiful, surround with the chirping of birds and the sound of dogs barking in a distant.

I will want a few of my friends who are precious to me to be by my side. We'll talk about things that we've gone thru together. For those who are far away from my, I will give them a call to say my goodbye and how much I appreciate them.

We'll joke around like always as I love to laugh... it just brings so much joy in everyone to be able to laugh even at nothing at all... Then I will want to thank those who have always been around for me no matter how bad I behaved.

And I will want to have fine dining for the last time with a few really really close friends. Snap lots and lots of photos... give everyone a bear hug and blog for the last time to shut it down forever.

Those are the things I have in mind. Many will not think about it but life is so short, a moment ago you might be talking to someone happily, the next moment they're gone.

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