Monday, September 27, 2010

My Mid-Autumn Festival...

It's always nice to have teenagers who are sporting. We were talking about how we walked around with lanterns and what type we have had before. Then, all of the sudden we were jumping in joy about taking one on the day of the mid-autumn festival.
We were left with only two days and scouting around for nice lanterns at last minute... whoa... I couldn't even get the large ones except for these few small ones. No matter what, that nite turned out to be great. The guys were sporting enough and helping out lighting the candles while I waited for my lantern because I was afraid of fire and I have never light a match or use a lighter before. So, I was happily waiting and then clicking my camera.
We managed to get all these beautiful Disney characters lanterns as well. They're so amazingly colourful and the weather was great.
Haha... the designer lanterns... not in the market...

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