Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lazy Sunday...

My Sunday morning started off with a surprise. Mama went to queue up in McD around 6 something in the morning just to grab the free McD big breakfast. You only need to purchase something that cost RM5 and you're entitled to get two free big breakfast. I turned that breakfast into lunch as I had to work and can't find time to squeeze in for breakfast. Thus, my brunch was a hearty breakfast by McDonald's. Scrambled eggs, a piece of chicken burger, an empty bun which I spread with the grape jam and a hashbrown. The big breakfast didn't manage to even fill one-tenth of my stomach. My hubby cooked for me instant noodles but I ended up taking an afternoon nap. A refreshing and lazy one indeed. Grocery shopping was shifted to late at night, an hour before Tesco closed. Serve me right, the racks for breads were completely empty. I didn't know that Penangnites love breads. The poultry section left me in total dismay as there's not even a piece of chicken backside, not that I'm looking for one. There's not even a feather left. Nobody's cleaning the fish anymore so I will have to clean the fish myself. I wonder when will Tesco start sending raw food right at my door step like in London?

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