Saturday, March 26, 2011

Youth Park...

Since it's raining and I'm stuck at home so I start blogging. Actually I wanted to clear the kitchen area but looking at the things there, I don't think I'm going to survive doing that in just a few hours. I have a phobia of doing housework. My Saturday evenings are spend hiking in Youth Park. Youth Park is a place buzzling with busy bees, children, adults and the oldies. The oldies are fitter than the youngsters. It's like walking through a very congested market area. There are just so many people there. That's the morning sight. I was stunned to see so many people diligently working out their 'qigong' moves. Whoever's leading also brought along a radio turned to the highest volume so that those standing right at the back can hear the instructions clearly as well. Whoever said that Penang people are one unhealthy lot of people ought to be shot dead. They're fit as fiddles and they must have started their lessons early in the morning before I even wake up and they do it every morning without fail unless it rains heavily.Then, there's another group doing 'tai chi'. They're fantastic. I think I'll prefer looking instead of joining them. I won't be able to make it till the end. This group has better and louder music. Hhhmmm.... can I put Hillsong and dance around? I'm sure we'll be able to attract younger people... but then most people will be working or in schools. Those are not the only activities carried out in Youth Park. There are fitness equipments for the public to use and there are also two public pools. The smell of chlorine makes me walk away. There isn't any soul dipping in the pool in the morning on weekdays but on weekends evening, there are just too many people. You won't be able to swim. You can only stay in one spot and move about within a radius of 1 inch. Take a stroll around the park. They have beautiful trees planted all around and you'll appreciate the beauty of it all. If you really have nothing to do, you can hang around like a monkey. Just kidding la... Now, let's start walking. The interesting path starts from here. To tell you the truth, that path looks rather deceiving. There's only one way up and well... the starting path is not as beautiful as the one shown in this pic. The pic that I'm showing you is from another part of Youth Park. It's leading to the swimming pool. It started with a flight of steps. There are shortcuts up but through flight of steps. The usual trail is covered with laterite earth. It's really easy to hike up. There will be a few trails that might confuse you at first but whichever trail you're taking, it will lead you to the same area. Hardly is there anyone who's lost there unless that person really has no sense of direction or whatsoever. Walking at a moderate pace without resting to catch your breath, it will take you 20 minutes to reach level 3. There's level 5 and 6 but that you'll have to use steps that's neverending. The steps are narrow. As we always don't have much time, we can't linger for too long. Usually we'll be rushing home to go to church after that. So, it's kinda rush. You'll never die of thirst hiking in Youth Park. The level 3 community actually prepared kettles of water, tea and coffee for hikers for free. It's for the public. Anyone who thirsts can drink from it. Kindly wash your own cups. Sometimes if you come at the right timing, one of the aunties will be busy frying vermicelli. It will be a big hit among hungry hikers. All hikers are hungry and thirsty. Just grab a small plate and start scooping those delicious vermicelli into the plate. The chopsticks are on the table as well. If there's no one cooking then a big tin of finger biscuits will be put out. The stock will be replenished before it's even finish. How efficient the people in level 3 are. The hikers' growling stomachs are taken care of. Now... now... you can't eat for free rite even if there's no price tag on the food? There's a donation box for all the food that went into the stomach. Feel free to donate... Along the way up, we do meet with nasty monkeys. But by the time you reach level 3, the monkeys won't be in sight. Too many people scare them off I think. There are a few things that you can do up there instead of eating and pounding back the calories that you've painstakingly burn. There are 3 levelled rocks... totally flat-surfaced rocks and we chose the highest one and sat on the solid rock. From the top we can Penang's concrete jungle down below. You can even hear the cars honking away. So far yet so near. Which is which? On the rock itself, that's where we have our private photography sessions. We did a lot of silly stuff together and it's surely relaxing after crawling all the way up here. By the time we're heading down, our sweat have been evaporated and it is rather cooling to speed downhill. Hey... do you know that the top of the hill is a really romantic place to go to? First of all, you don't have to spend a bomb just to have such spectacular view. Secondly, the place is really quiet and peaceful no doubt there are many people moving up and down the hill. Thirdly, you have natural air-conditioner plus plenty of sunlight that's blocked by the white and fluffy clouds. Last but not least, if you're creative enough, you can do sand art...yes.. sand art... We use sticks to scribble our names on the ground and decorate them with fallen leaves. Isn't that creative enough?

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