Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Slap... Indeed...

Whenever I choose a sealed book, I would read the synopsis written on the back book cover. The front of the cover looks innocent enough, a little boy shouting with mouth opened wide. The title carries the weight of the story. At a suburban barbecue one afternoon, a man slaps an unruly boy.
The boy is not his son.
This single act of violence reverberates through
the lives of everyone who witnesses it happen..
As I read the book, the first chapter itself spoke volume. This was not only about the incident where Harry slapped the unruly boy, Hugo. The whole book itself showed how the author went against the Ten Commandments and were proud of it, announcing it to the world through 483 printed papers. What comes from the recesses of the heart, it was poured out in one's work.... in this, in one's writing.
Idolatry. Adultery. Filthy words used. Praising teenagers who have no moral values or whatsoever. It truly depicts the lifestyle of Australians. Drinking binge. Smoking. What I could not stand was cursing God in a book. I've read many books but this one, written by Christos Tsiolkas, which won the Commonwealth Writers Prize 2009 for best novel in the South-East Asia and South Pacific area should be burnt along with whatever rubbish that I have.
It's a shame that one cheered teenagers who injected drugs and parents giving the green light. Being gay is okay.... well, I can't blame the author as he's a gay himself, so he championed for his sin. And the author has very limited vocabulary for good words. The effing word was widely used and isn't it embarassing to describe how majority of fellow Australians lead their lives?
What I'm wondering is, what happen to the censorship board in this country? So, now our government allows this type of books to be read by many and pollute the mind and tell them everything that's written in this stupid crap of shit is okay? 30 000 of Bible written in Malay, using one word 'Allah' has it's distribution stopped but the censorship allow this whole book with nothing good at all in it to be sold nationwide. Is it because in this stupid book, the author praised the Islam religion as a good religion and cursed Christianity in every way it can?
You may be rich with fame and money, but you're spiritually bankrupt.

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