Friday, March 11, 2011

A Prayer For Japan and China...

While we were all busy with our own things to do, out there there were people crying for help, crying in pain and agony, crying for love ones, crying for help, crying for mercy, crying for answers to know why all these calamaties strike without a warning. There is a warning. Just that no one takes heed of the warning written black and white. In time of distress, all we can do is lift them up in prayer. That's the most powerful tool to reach out to their bleeding soul.

My prayer goes out to all those affected by the foretold disaster mentioned in the Holy Bible long before you and I were ever born. Denial will take you nowhere. Now is the time to seek after our One True God and the ONLY SAVIOUR of this dying and decaying world.... He is none other than the SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD.... JESUS CHRIST.
Our Heavenly Father, I humbly bow down before your throne of grace, please have mercy on the people who are injured, wounded physically and spiritually from the calamities of earthquakes, floods, war and conflicts especially from the nations of New Zealand, China and Japan. Dear Lord Jesus, stretch forth your Loving arms to hold the victims of present calamities, to embrace them, to show them how much you love each one of them. Dear Lord Holy Spirit, please bring comfort to them as you are our Comforter in times like this. Touch their lives and create in them a vacuum of emptiness to seek and call upon your Holy Name. Let them seek You and find you. Enable them to realise that JESUS IS OUR SAVIOUR and their SAVIOUR too. In Jesus' Name I pray, AMEN.

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