Thursday, March 24, 2011


Straits Quay. Fruuze~! Frozen yoghurt. I'm not a fan of yoghurt but since it's frozen and it's something new and we have all the time to kill before lunch, we tried something different for the day. They have 4 different flavours if my memory is not playing tricks on me. The toppings are differently charged and I have myself two small toppings. My mango flavoured frozen yoghurt tastes sweet with my heart-shaped chocolate pieces and colourful sprinkles. Kiddish? Nah... I just like the colourful rice, I like chocolates and mango is the only choice that I have as I do not fancy the others. There are so many toppings to choose from that I will take me hours and hours to decide. So, it's easier for me to choose what attracts me most. Raspberry frozen yoghurt... sour. If you like sour then you'll like this with dragon fruit as the topping and pecan nuts to give some crunchiness. Oh la la~! Swensen's jumbo drumstick. My hubby and I were doing grocery shopping in Tesco when we saw Swensen's small stall at the side. It's the biggest drumstick without any wrappers around it. Just left it there in the freezer. It's not cheap. It's RM9.90 for one. If I'm not mistaken, it's freeze to -22 degree Celsius thus, the ice-cream is solid hard. By the time it started to melt, we were about to finish the whole ice-cream right to the bottom of the cone. I love chocolate... just love it~! Waffle... *slurp* The nice smell of the batter. It's something that I will indulge in once in awhile when trotting around the shopping malls. I like... hhmmm... so many to choose from... my best choice is peanut butter with chocolate. The hot combination of peanut butter and chocolate makes it so irresistible. Snow Ice... flavoured ice. Banana with chocolate rice *yummie* Found this in 1st Avenue when I first went to TGV to catch a movie.Crazy about nuts? Not bad.. but I still prefer banana with chocolate rice. Ice-cream is my number one choice.

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