Sunday, March 13, 2011

Perfectly My Style...

By now, most people will know that I do things differently and have thoughts that's mostly out of the box. Counting down to a few more days, I'll have the legal documents. I used to fantasize of having a fairy tale wedding but I'm 200% sure if there is going to be any fairy tale wedding, everyone will attend EXCEPT me. I'll disappear... most probably won't appear at all. Anything with a large group of people will freak me out completely.

I'm so happy. I have it my style. I can have lots and lots of photos in white flowing gowns or gowns of different colours and as many albums as I want. Not so soon though. I have to scout around to get my plans customize to what I want. There will be the photos of The Judith Club as well.

If there's going to be a wedding song, I think it will be Chris Tomlin's 'I Will Follow' playing out loud and I will want to dance hip-hop style with ice-skates. There won't be any wedding dinner, but maybe I will want to drag my close friends for a hiking session and snap a few photos of all us doing our favourite jump in the sky.

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