Tuesday, March 29, 2011


It has been pouring. It started two Saturdays ago when the sky was covered with thick and black clouds. It was hideously black and heavy. The clouds even covered half of Komtar building. Nothing was mentioned by the Meteorological Department. We had evening showers. Bright and fresh mornings. Then, last Saturday it rained the whole day. How I wish I can sleep through the rain and snuggle comfortably without having to wake up. I'm working now on the computer. I have finished my work, blogged in between work. It's time to get busy in the kitchen. I do like the cooling rainy days but thinking of fetching my kids home from school, the traffic will be very heavy, inching slowly towards the main entrance... *ugh* the nasty of crawl of the traffic will drive me insane. Why must people drive extremely slow even if it rains for a trickle or two?

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