Saturday, March 26, 2011

Yes, I Can Do It~!

Before I start writing what I really want to write, there's something from my Donkey, "It is a blessing that i can feel the pain because i am still alive." Donk, I suggest that you grab hold of this book... it will change your perspective in life. You will feel God's pain looking at you... *Looks like Peng Chin Mau is glorifying the ground that you walk on. Shame on you Eric for taking God's place*Now.. now... I'm motivating myself. Self-motivation. I have read so many books. Probably read 3 to 4 books in a week. And I don't find any difficulties reading a book with more than 800 pages in a week. My biggest issue right now is that I... yes, I... have never once read the Bible from cover to cover. I tried... many times I tried. I started from the book of Genesis, followed by Exodus. By the time I reach Deuteronomy where God repeatedly remind the Israelites how to live their lives, I punctured. Then after putting it off and taking it up again, I started all over again from the book of Genesis. By now, I've lost count of how many times I've finished reading the book of Genesis. I can say that I know Abraham, Isaac and Jacob rather well. Obviously I know Adam and Eve and all the 50 chapters of Genesis unless my memory fails me a little bit here and there.
I do read my Bible here and there in patches of scriptures. Some in full chapters. I did finish a few books from the Old Testament like Hosea. I tried finishing all 150 chapters of Psalms but again, I fail to do so. I have a few Bibles at home but I prefer to stick to one which has been nicely underlined, highlighted and coloured with more than 10 bookmarks in the New International Version torned hard-covered Bible of mine. I have lots of reading materials with me yet I never seem to be able to follow the daily devotions according to the dates printed. I either read faster than the dates set or I left it untouched. So, I'm going to start now, right now, not waiting until the 1st of April or even Monday. I'm not going to start from Genesis. I'll start from the New Testament, the book of Matthew. I believe that if I can finish reading other books from cover to cover, I should be able to and I ought to read the Bible from cover to cover as well. I can do it this time round~!!

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