Sunday, November 20, 2011

21st YMCA-CCA Bible Quiz 2011...

Surprise~! Surprise~! Every Friday, I hold a simple luncheon at my palace. You'll have to sign up a lifetime membership in order to be in our group. The only requirement is you must NOT be serious. Serious people who can't even tell a joke will not be accepted into the group. Serious people are not welcome into my house. There is another requirement. You must be able to eat in large quantity. During the luncheon, even snacks for teatime and dessert for dinner will be included. Thou' shalt not turn down any food offer. Three weeks back we had a newcomer. That's the mightily crazy Fiona. Yeah, crazy enough that I automatically signed my three children up for a Bible Quiz which I know they were not ready for. They were given two weeks to prepare. There they were, at the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) yesterday afternoon. There were nine groups mainly from Penang Christian Centre and there was another group from the Salvation Army and one more from Trinity Methodist Church. Even Penang Free's School's Christian Fellowship sent a group representative. My children represented Full Gospel Assembly of Penang. There were four different sections in the quiz. It started with a 30-minute objective questions where the audiences were asked to leave the hall. We waited outside while the quizzers answered the questions. The second event on the list was Draw Sword. Those who have attended church camps or youth camps would have been familiar with Draw Sword. Bibles up~! The questioner would read the book, chapter and verse and GO~! Oh, my~! Oh, my~! I've never seen such ruthless generation. They were so fast and the flip flip flip sound was so loud I thought they were gonna tear the Good News Bible into pieces. Tear the page out and read it out loud into the microphone. My kids were too gentle with the book. They took after me where I'm very particular with book care. No dog ears. No marks on the page. No evidence of the book being opened as well no doubt the whole book has been read from cover to cover. Thus, they found the verses a second slower than the others. If I'm going to put them in the Bible Quiz again, I will have to train them how to be ruthless. The third event was the reciting of memory verses. There were given a list of 30 lengthy verses taken from the book of Genesis, Psalms and Proverbs. Again, because of the ruthlessness of others, my kids were left behind. Before the questioner could even finish up the chapter and the verse, some quizzers have already jumped out of their chairs, hurried to the microphone and recite the particular verse. But my eldest did me proud by taking after their ruthlessness. She jumped at two verses. The last one was the jumping questions. There... there... some quizzers really were mind-readers. They were so hasty in answering, they blabbed out the answer in great length because they did not hear the rest of the question. All in all, I'm very proud of the three of them who took up the courage... err... I forced them in actually. They had no choice because whatever I said in the house is law. But I did not train them personally or else they would be so stressed up, my eldest would have vomited from the beginning till the end and my precious and youngest would be sitting in the toilets having diarrhoea. There~! I gave them ample of room to prepare themselves all on their own. If I decide to put them in for the next year, no more leniency. I will drill them day and night until they can tell me the answers in their sleep.

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